A big thank you to BOYSDANCETOO for sending bags for all our WDM Dancers!


About boysdancetoo - the  dance store for men

Hey guys! Finally Right?!

For now, we are exactly what we say we are...THE DANCE STORE FOR MEN.

What is to come... is an amazing, resourceful website that is not just an online store, but a service to all guy dancers.


We, the owners, have been in the Dance / Retail business for a while. We know how challenging it has been for guy dancers to find what they need and decided to put an end to the frustration. We want you to know that we actually care about what guys are wearing to dance. We actually care about offering the widest selection available. We actually care about making the boysdancetoo store cool, easy-to-use, and good looking. We have searched all over the world to find the selection we currently offer and are not going to stop looking. We are going to seriously listen to our customers when they tell us what they want, and then we are going to find it. Should we not be able to find it, we are going to make it ourselves. So dudes, welcome. Thanks for shopping at our site. And remember that this is just the beginning. Where we go from here has a lot to do with you. So stick with us, communicate with us, and visit often.



The owners of boysdancetoo.com

For more info about boysdancetoo, Click here.

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