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  • WDM Switzerland
    WDM Switzerland


  • Gala Performances
    Gala Performances

  • WDM Switzerland
    WDM Switzerland

  • WDM Mexico
    WDM Mexico

    WDM ITALY July 10-31, 2016

  • WDM Spain
    WDM Spain

The World Dance Movement Events

World Dance Movement - The International Workshop - builds connections between dance and diverse cultures that inspire and transform dancers around the world. Our focus is to present dancers with an opportunity where they receive one-on-one training and attention in a noncompetitive atmosphere. The curriculum challenges dancers of all levels through a comprehensive study-vacation model.

You will be able to enjoy training with dancers from nearly 25 countries with the same passion and drive to be the best they can be. Immerse yourself in various cultures while learning from an international faculty of unparalleled talent... ...There is nothing better! 

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Read what dancers are saying about World Dance Movement!

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"World Dance Movement" is just that, master teachers and dancers from all over the world, uniting through dance and collectively learning from one another. It is an experience not to be missed, an opportunity to get out of your comfort zone and learn about different cultures and investing oneself for ultimate growth."

- Desmond Richardson, Co-Founder/Artistic Director of Complexions Ballet & WDM faculty member - USA

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