Sharon Fridman




Compañía Sharon Fridman is a contemporary dance group formed in 2006 and based in Madrid. Directed by israeli choreographer Sharon Fridman, many of its works have been seen in several festivals and countries like France, Italy, Germany, Belgium, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Colombia, South Korea or Singapur. His works has been awarded at the Choreography Contest Burgos-New York, Prize ICC Alicia

Alonso, Choreographic Contest of Madrid, International Theater and Dance Fair of Huesca, Tanzplatform of Bern or Max Award 2015, among others. The work of the company is based on three fundamental pillars:

_The language of contact, understood as an existential philosophy implies a conscious relationship, not only with people but also with materials and elements. It is a physical technique, but a spiritual one as well. It allows us to explore the complexities and fragility generated by two bodies as they come together and pull apart. The relationship to gravity and inertia, the game of balance, the freedom of movement... One of the company's objectives is exactly that: to investigate contact, to construct and deconstruct it, to polish it, to dig deeper until we discover its essence and then convert it into the main tool for collective communication, in a dramatic language capable of evolving in the hands of the dancers.

_The social dimension of dance. All forms of artistic representation should be accountable to their surroundings, generating alternatives, questioning the system. The company does not think of dance as something foreign to the conflicts that exist in the world. Many of these conflicts are bornof a disconnection: with oneself, with the natural world, with each other. In his choreographies Sharon wish to develop a language that he feels can be a metaphor for the possibilities that we have as human beings- as a community, as bodies, as individuals- to find new channels of communication that can prepare us to find new solutions to conflict. Dance is a filter that can help us understand what occurs around us, making up for the deficiencies of this world.

_Break the fourth Wall. Dance takes place everywhere; it is part of our everyday life. The stage is, traditionally, where the magical moment of encounter between an artistic work and the public takes place. In this sense it is a sacred space... It is a space conceived for representation, a representation that has been perpetuated historically generation after generation. Now this evolution continues: sometimes on linoleum, sometimes on paved streets, and sometimes on grass or sand. The company's work explores this line, to force the limits of the fourth wall: how to connect further with the audience, how to incorporate it into the piece, how to make dance a personal experience for them as well. Many international companies include on their repertoire creations by Compañia Sharon Fridman, such as Ballet Nacional de Paraguay, LaMov Compañía de Danza (Spain), Vértigo Dance Company (Israel), Compagnie Jus de la Vie (Sweden), Kukai Dantza (Spain) or Compañía Nacional de Danza (Spain).

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