Ana Catalina Román



Class: W.Forsythe Technique and Repertoire  

Ana Catalina Román completed her classical Dance Studies at the „Real Conservatorio Superior“ in Madrid Spain and at The „John Cranko Ballett-Akademie“ in Stuttgart-Germany and studied as a classical dance teacher with Kathy Bennets in Frankfurt. She has completed a Master of Scenic Arts at the university Rey Juan Carlos and studied film animation at the „Escuela de Artes Visuales de Madrid – Animart“.

Between 1978 and 1980 was engaged with “Gelsenkirchener Ballett- Musiktheatre in Revier“ under the direction of the choreographer Bernd Schindowsky.

Since 1980 danced with „BALLETT FRANKFURT“, during the first 4 years under the direction of Egon Madsen; performing repertoire of choreographers like John Cranko, G.Balanchine, Peter Wright and Uwe Scholz..

Continuing in Ballett Frankfurt she started to work from 1982 on with William Forsythe, at first  he arrived as a guest choreographer, later, from 1984 with him as a director. She occupied a soloist position from 1987 until 2000. She danced in many of his creations and collaborated in the creation of her own parts in several of them. We would mention: “Die Befragung des Robert Scott”, “Impressing the Czar”, ”Limb´s Theorem”, “Slingerland” and “The Loss of Small Detail”.

During this period she danced as well in Ballets of guest choreographers like: Toni Rizzi, Amanda Miller Pascal Touzau, Jan Farbre, Mak Heim and Daniel Larrieu. 

Beginning in 1992, in addition, she started to assist W. Forsythe in the composition of Ballets like: “Invisible Film” and “Four Point Counter” and was production assistent in “Of any if and”.

She has staged W. Forsythe choreographies in different companies like: NDT-La Haya, CND-Madrid, Les Ballets de Monte Carlo, Bayerische Staatsballett Munich and Hubbard Street-Dance Chicago. 

She teaches Seminars about Forsythe improvisation technologies, W.Forsythe repertoire, Choreographic Composition and Ballet class at different schools. Among others: Conservatoire de Lyon, P.A.R.T.S.- Brussels, Espacio Madrid, Dance University Stockholm, Palucca Schule- Dresden, Iceland Academy of the Arts, Toulouse Conservatoire and Conservatorio Superior de Danza María de Ávila - Madrid.

In her repertoire as a choreographer are ballets like “Equipoise”, “The secret Bob”, “Fases inobservadas”, “7 rasgos”, “Si quisiera no podría y si pudiera no quisiese”, “Surface Pour Rêves”, “Hecho a mano”, Parent(h)esis, (o dicho sea de paso) and Choreographik-Dance educational projects like: “First Steps” for the “Museum für Angewandte Kunst Frankfurt” and “AnnaTanz” in St.-Anna-Gymnasium Munich. Choreographic works like “Tiento” and “Discordio” in colaboration with students from the CSDMA.


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