HUMANHOOD - Romee van de Meent


Romee van de Meent

Romee van de Meent, from the Netherlands, is a professional dancer who joined HUMANHOOD in August 2021, and has performed in the company’s productions ∞ {Infinite} and Sphera. She has delivered workshops around Europe in person, and has trained many movement professionals online as part of the HUMANHOOD Dancers Training Programme.’


The Dance Company

‘HUMANHOOD is a dance company that exists to raise human consciousness and empower human potential through mystical and colossal dance productions, worldwide. Artistically led and founded by visionaries and creatives Julia Robert & Rudi Cole, the company is carving a radiant path in the international scene, creating dance theater meditations of energetic power for the new era.

With a commitment to self-growth and artistic expression, HUMANHOOD’s work combines Julia and Rudi’s choreographic style and exceptional physicality with scientific research into physics and astrophysics, alongside a focus on Eastern mysticism, to explore how these seemingly different worlds can come together to shape our human experiences.

These explorations have taken the artists around the world to work with a wide range of multi-disciplinary artists, spiritual practitioners, shamans and indigenous tribes, to stage productions of high levels of artistic intricacy and spiritual resonance, merging energy-shifting sound, light and movement transporting audiences to a place beyond the senses. The company also collaborates with scientists, including the research team of Birmingham University’s physics & astrophysics department.

Choreographer/ Co-Artistic Director – Julia Robert

Julia danced since her early ages on this planet expressing her innate fluidity and grace. Captivated by the wonders of the Universe she went on to study Physics at the Universitat de Barcelona for one semester. However, she realised this path was not in alignment with her soul’s purpose. Since that moment, Julia shifted her full attention into dance, graduating from the London Contemporary Dance School in 2011 and performing in some of the most renowned theatres in the world. She went from theory to practice, diving deep into existential questions and accessing the movement of the body as a portal to higher states of consciousness. Her holistic approach to life and movement has brought her to train in different healing and energetic modalities including animal communication, bioneuroemotion, shamanism among many others.

Choreographer/ Co-Artistic Director – Rudi Cole

Coming from a family of artists having an innate sense for rhythm, musicality and sharp eye for movement quality, Rudi has identified dance as his passion from his early years. He graduated from the Northern School of Contemporary Dance and had a prolific career as a professional dancer including performing in the 2012 London Olympic Games. He is a devoted practitioner of the internal martial arts fusing the energetic power of the body into the movement quality of the company. His child-like curiosity has brought him to research ancient and shamanic practices around the world, expanding the potential of human physicality.

Julia and Rudi (HUMANHOOD)

Julia and Rudi founded HUMANHOOD in 2016 with the vision to create a worldwide movement for the expansion of human consciousness. Since the creation of their first duet ZERO, they have established a clear choreographic language expressing a sublime spiritual HUMANHOOD sensitivity which has brought the interest and following of the dance sector and beyond, including wellbeing and holistic communities. Their award-winning work has been performed at some of the most prestigious venues (Sadler’s Wells and Mercat de les Flors) and festivals (Festival Grec and Venice Biennale) in the world.

Together, they are also the founders of an online platform for people of all backgrounds to connect with the power of movement. They also hold Weflow holistic movement retreats and workshops for those individuals looking to connect with their energetic essence and expressive power through movement and dance. 

In 2021, they started delivering transformative coaching programs online, sharing their mystical practices and guiding thousands of creative individuals to bring their vision into realisation. They believe it is time for everyone to take the real stage, the Earth’s grounds in everyday life, and become a light in the future of humanity.

Dr Jean Houston, leading researcher in Human Capacities and one of the foremost visionary thinkers and doers of our time, says – ‘The mystical couple… Julia & Rudi restore people to their original stuff, their original beingness… whether it is through dance, whether it is through words, whether it is through the radical beauty they both share together and individually.’

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