About US

World Dance Movement – The International Festival and Competition began with an idea to give dancers around the world a forum through which they can learn from and inspire each other both artistically and culturally.

Our Founder and Artistic Director, Michèle Assaf, travelled the world extensively in her expansive career. 

I was greatly inspired as I traveled to different countries and was fortunate enough to observe the way different cultures trained, their dance class etiquette, their professionalism, and their passion for this physical and emotional art form. My vision, with Desmond Richardson, was to create a safe space for dancers, choreographers, master teachers, artistic directors and designers to unite and share their culture and passion for the art of dance and movement under one umbrella. Swimming in the Mediterranean Sea with Desmond Richardson, we created the name and vision of World Dance Movement and here we are 15 years later!

World Dance Movement is a leader in the international dance scene – a respected source for bridging cultures through dance. Join us as we grow World Dance Movement worldwide and create new events in the world’s most fascinating countries.