WDM, un emozione unica ogni anno, una grande famiglia che accoglie tutti a braccia aperte e ti fa sentire parte di un mondo , dove cresci artisticamente e umanamente!!

- Antonio Dellarosa

WDM Dancer & Entertainment - Italy

Ahí van una líneas sobre mi experiencia en WDM: "Desde todos los puntos de vista, vivir el WDM le recuerda al bailarín el por qué, le explica el cómo, le sorprende con el quién. Ya sabes dónde y cuando. ¿Qué más quieres?

- Enrique Solla Charro

WDM Dancer - Spain

Il WDM è un'esperienza unica, E' l'unico posto dove si possono incontrare diversi ballerini di tutto il mondo e studiare con i più grandi coreografi ed insegnanti! 

- Valentina Verderame

WDM Dancer & Assistant - Italy

WDM is gewoon supper je leert er zoveel bij en maakt er veel nieuwe vrienden. Iedereen is er zo vriendelijk. Ik ben al 2x geweest en ik ga nu voor de derde keer. Elke leeraar is uniek. Its fun 🙂 

- Kelly DE Zwaef

WDM Dancer - Belgium

Vivir WDM es experimentar, compartir y nutrir tu pasión, es crecer como amante de la danza, aprendiendo, abriendo fronteras. Absolutamente y sin lugar a dudas, una experiencia única y formidable. 

- Eva Sánchez

WDM Faculty - Spain

Un incontro di sguardi, di corpi, di energie, di culture, di passioni, di movimenti, di caratteri, di stili che mi aiutano a crescere emotivamente, artisticamente e professionalmente!!!! 

- Palmiriana Sibilia

WDM Dancer – Italy

Forget the super-crowded hotel-based conventions and come to WDM in Italy! Super fabulous dancing, fun socializing with dancers and choreographers from all over the world, scenic towns and beaches, and of course... gelati and other delicious delicacies! 

- Belinda Wagner

WDM Parent - USA

I have never been to nor can think of any convention where Desmond Richardson knows your name and gives you amazing corrections on a daily basis. The fact that you're in a beautiful town in Italy with some of the most amazing people is merely just a bonus. 

- Ian Sherman

WDM Dancer - USA

World Dance Movement was a great experience for both myself and the students. It’s a great way to have fun in the sun and be taught by great teachers!! The teachers bring along an energy that encourages you to push yourself as a dancer and bring out the best in you. 

- Sue Vassallo

WDM Teacher Attendee – Malta

 Il WDM è un evento che ti cambia la vita, ti fa vivere emozioni meravigliose con insegnanti di altissimo livello e bravissimi ballerini. E' un incontro di culture accomunate da un unica passione: l'amore per la danza. Un insieme di energia e talento. Esperienze come questa fanno crescere, non solo artisticamente, ma soprattutto umanamente.  Il WDM è la mia grande famiglia, non potrei più farne a meno. 

- Cristina Santangelo

WDM Dancer – Italy

Natalie Dercz

Na World Dance Movement bardzo dużo się nauczyłam, w bardzo przyjemniej atmosferze. Jest super 
(In English) In World Dance Movement I learned a lot! it was great fun and I will totally come next year! 

- Natalie Dercz

WDM Dancer, 13 yrs old – Poland

WDM is amazing - it's an intimate experience like no other. You get to learn from some of the greatest dance teachers in the world in a beautiful Italian setting. But even more - you get to know these teachers, hear their stories and get inspired by their passion. It is like no other opportunity available. 

- Laura DiFilippo

WDM Parent – USA

WDM is the perfect place to challenge yourself as a dancer, make great friends from all over the world in an intimate environment, and experience Italy at its best! You will leave not only a better dancer but a better person. WDM is not just another dance convention but a cultural experience that combines all elements of dance with a fun and friendly family atmosphere. I will see you there! 

- Jenna Branner

WDM Dancer - USA

World Dance Movement" is just that, master teachers and dancers from all over the world, uniting through dance and collectively learning from one another. It is an experience not to be missed, an opportunity to get out of your comfort zone and learn about different cultures and investing oneself for ultimate growth.

- Desmond Richardson

Co-Founder/Artistic Director of Complexions Ballet & WDM faculty member - USA

Carissimo WDM (Michèle Assaf e tutta la bellissima famiglia di insegnanti)..l'esperienza vissuta quest'estate è INDIMENTICABILE, bellissime lezioni, rapporto tra insegnanti,ballerini e famigliari è stato unico ...bellissimi gli spettacoli svoltisi ad ogni fine settimana...e personalmente ringrazio per le borse di studio per N.Y. date a mio figlio Giovanni La Rocca, che lo aiuteranno a crescere confrontandosi con altri insegnanti di alta qualità... 

- Cristina Balagi e Roberto La Rocca

WDM Genitori - Italia

WDM was the first summer program I've ever been too, and I can honestly say I don't want to go anywhere else. The training I received at WDM was personalized even with 30 other dancers in the room. Everyone got attention. My most valuable experience from WDM was taking class with dancers that spoke other languages and teachers too! Having different languages in the room made me very aware as a dancer and gave me a deeper understanding of what kind of dancer I am. Where else can you get that?! I can’t wait to return! 

- JaLeesa Diggs

WDM Dancer - USA

WDM is the most amazing experience that I've never done in my life. You have the chance to study with the most important dancers in this world (AMAZING TEACHERS) and I think is really good also for your future, show to them what you can do and maybe they can see in you something!!! By the way for all year I just wait the summer for WDM, and I cant wait anymore already for this summe! Thankyou WDM DANCE! Gianni 

- Gianni Goffredo

WDM Dancer - Germany

WDM is an amazing adventure for those who love to dance. It's a wonderful experience where international faculty expose students from around the world to instruction that they would otherwise not have access to. These are intense weeks of technique and choreography in the most supportive enviornment my daughter has experience. The relationships built between students, teachers and parents are invaluable and lifelong.

- Leslie Scragg

Parent of Dancer

WDM is unlike any other summer dance program I have ever been apart of. On top of being in one of the most beautiful places in the world, being surrounded by amazing people from all different countries, you are taking classes from a diversity of the most talented, giving teachers. I made so many close new friends who now seem like family. I can not explain how much I gained at WDM, come out and see for yourself. 

- Kelci Tookey

WDM Dancer – Canada

WDM is one of the most culturally rich and self-satisfying dance experiences I've ever been a part of. Working with inspiring choreographers and wonderful dancers from all over the world in a beautiful, authentic Italian setting has shown me the true beauty of dance. I made lasting friendships and new relationships with beautiful people who all gather together with a strong passion toward dance--you can't get that experience anywhere else! 

- Kelsey Orem

WDM Dancer – USA

 Re: YOU ARE THE WDM FACEBOOK CONTEST WINNER! Happy New Year to you and the rest of the WDM Staff as well!! I did get the classes and I absolutely loved them! It was definitely different to take class looking at a screen, but they were all packed with great information and you could feel the motivation pouring out from the screen! Your entire staff is so inspirational. I wanted to make it a goal to come to Italy this summer to experience your workshop first hand, but if it doesn't work out... I will definitely be buying some classes! Thank you again!! 

- Jordon McIntosh

WDM Online Dancer

WDM is a convention that will change your life. There is no other place where you can meet so many different and amazing dancers from all over the world, who are reaching and striving for the same goals you are. Also having teachers, full of wisdom, who are willing to give their all to help us reach all our goals and more is one of the many great things about going to WDM. Just being in the atmosphere of the Italian culture is so fulfilling, but the best part is you leave with life long experiences, friends, and memories. WDM is the BEST!!!!! 

- Terrance Martin

WDM Dancer – USA

I can honestly say that some of my best memories are from the WDM experience. This convention is full of amazing choreographers and dancers that want nothing more than to meet new people and learn new styles of dance. It is obvious that everyone who attends WDM does so because they are truly passionate about the art of dance and are looking for self-improvement, not just as a dancer but also as a person. I came out of this convention with a renewed love for dance...which is why I went back the very next year to take more classes in Castellanaa Grotte! I would highly recommend WDM! 

- Elise Pacicco

WDM Dancer – USA

 E' stato un piacere partecipare al WDM... Il prestigio e la professionalità degli insegnanti, con cui ho avuto l'onore di studiare le 3 settimane, mi hanno fatto crescere sia fisicamente che mentalmente! L'ambiente e la familiarità che mi hanno accompagnato per tutte le 3 settimane è stato qualcosa di meraviglioso! Non mi sarà possibile partecipare al WDM 2012 perche... sarò a studiarea New York e per questo ringrazio il maestro Desmond Richardson, Michèle Assaf e Francesca Dario che mi hanno assegnato 2 borse di studio presso Complexions e Peridance Capezio Center! Grazie WDM!!!

- Giovanni La Rocca

WDM Dancer & winner of the WDM Online Scholarship Competition for WDM 2011! - Italy

Essere parte del Peridance certificate program è stata una delle piu belle esperienze della mia vita: il programma è molto intenso ed è fatto per seri ballerini! Durante la settimana faccio moltissime lezioni con i migliori insegnanti del mondo che ogni giorno condividono con noi la loro professionalita. Questo programma inoltre mi permette di studiare tanti diversi stili: classico, contemporaneo, jazz, theatre dance, hip hop e facciamo anche lezioni teoriche come storia della danza e analisi del movimento!Sento davvero i miglioramenti e ogni giorno di piu divento consapevole del mio corpo...insomma penso questo sia il posto adatto per imparare come diventare dei veri professionist! Grazie WDM per avermi dato l'occasione di sperimentare questo mondo meraviglioso!

- Adriana Recchia

Vincitrice della borsa di studio per il Peridance Certificate Program di 2 anni dal WDM 2011 - Italy