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We are grateful to our sponsors that continually assist World Dance Movement in awarding over

$1 Million yearly 

in dance scholarships, products and services to talented young students for continued dance education. 


We are grateful to our sponsors that continually assist World Dance Movement in awarding over 75 scholarships weekly – more than $800,000 weekly – to talented young students for continued dance education.

Scholarship Sponsors

Media Partners & Sponsors


Complexions Contemporary Ballet

Complexions Scholarships awarded at World Dance Movement events:

Complexions Summer Intensive Scholarships are awarded at the WDM Workshops and the WDM International Competitions (for dates and cities please visit the Complexions website)

About Complexions Contemporary Ballet:

Complexions was founded in 1994 by Master Choreographer Dwight Rhoden and Legendary Dancer Desmond Richardson and has through the years grown to become the World’s most accomplished and technically sound, Contemporary Ballet Company. Together, with the invention of their patented dance methodology, NIQUE, the two have innovated the Contemporary genre and have created a new platform for the art of human movement.

Complexions Intensives remains at the forefront of American Dance Education and was developed to train the next generation of dancers from middle school through the professional ranks. Our intensives continue to strive for the founders’ vision of dance based on rigorous contemporary training that is imbued with a sense of movement, power and exuberant energy.

Apolla Performance

Apolla Socks awarded at World Dance Movement virtual events!

For more info about Apolla,  Click here.

Pace University

Pace School of Performing Arts, will award scholarships to talented dancers from all over the world at World Dance Movement Italy!

  • 2 (two) scholarship will be awarded in total for the Pace Commerical Dance Program ($15,000 a year for 4 years / Total $60,000)
  • 10 (ten) scholarships will be awarded in total for the Pace Fall Intensive Program (valued at $375 each)

THANK YOU for partnering with WDM in education and in supporting the WDM dancers!!!

Click here to learn more about Pace University and the Pace School of Performing Arts under the direction of Rhonda Miller.

Sacred Heart University

Sacred Heart University, will award scholarships to talented dancers from all over the world at World Dance Movement Italy!

  • 2 (two) scholarship will be awarded in total for participation in the SHU dance company ($8,500 a year for 4 years / Total $34,000)

About The Sacred Heart University Dance Program:

Sacred Heart University Dance Programs are a profound source of energy and artistry on the Sacred Heart University campus. We offer a variety of programs to suit any level of interest, commitment and passion for dance. Students are encouraged to engage in exploration, creation and the critical thinking process all while preparing for longevity and viability within the dance world on their chosen path. For each student this means, a deeper understanding of their moving bodies, confidence in their choice to study dance at Sacred Heart and an awakening to the kaleidoscope of possibilities that could exist within their lives as a result of this choice. Our dance faculty and staff are committed to the development of well-rounded, aesthetically aware students using various forms and approaches to elevate learning.

Members are offered a variety of classes and programs which are available to enrich both their academic and artistic experience – Dance Company is a pre-professional program encompassing ballet, modern, contemporary, world dance, jazz and tap dance taught by professional instructors. Dance Ensemble is a student run program for those who want to choreograph and create their own work for public performance. Other ensembles include Ballroom Dance, Hip Hop Production and our award winning, competitive Irish Dance Ensemble, The Claddagh Dancers.

Dancers find themselves immersed in a world of creativity! All of our dance programs allow students the opportunity to perform and several of these performances are held throughout the year in our beautiful Edgerton Theatre. Each performance becomes a portrait of the community that we have created. This sense of community ensures that students develop as artists and people all while solidifying lifelong friendships amongst one another.

Click here learn more about Sacred Heart University.

Click here for more information about WDM Italy and to register.


Scholarships awarded at World Dance Movement events:

6(six) AbruzzoOnStage Convention scholarships are awarded each week at all WDM events (visit their Instagram for convention dates and cities)

About AbruzzoOnStage:

A fantastic convention and competition in Roseto degli Abruzzi, Italy!

For more info about AbruzzoOnStage, Click here.


Scholarships awarded at World Dance Movement events:

2(two) Free Solos for the Adrenaline Convention are awarded each week at all WDM events (visit the website for Tour dates and cities)

About Adrenaline:
A US National Dance Convention Tour accelerating the growth of dancers through movement education with a focus on personal attention and excellent customer service.

For more info about Adrenaline, Click here.


AMDA – College and Conservatory of the Performing Arts, will award scholarships to talented dancers from all over the world at World Dance Movement Italy!

  • 4(four) $60,000 scholarships for their 4-year BFA program or 2-year Conservatory Program
  • 4four) $40,000 scholarships for their 4-year BFA program or 2-year Conservatory Program
  • 8(eight) $750 scholarships for their 2-week High School Summer Conservatory program

Over $400,000 is awarded to talented dancers from around the world at each WDM event! THANK YOU!!!

Click here learn more about AMDA

Artinscena di Annalisa Bellini


About Artinscena

A school of dance in Castellana Grotte, Italy run by the co-producer of WDM ITALY, Annalisa Bellini.

Artinscena offers classes in the following genres :

  • Creative Movement
  • for Children / Gioco Danza
  • Classical Ballet /
  • Danza Classica
  • Contemporary Dance / Danza Contemporanea
  • Hip Hop
  • Break Dance
  • Aerial Dance / Danza Aerea
  • Theatre lab / Laboratorio teatrale
  • Pilates
  • Argentine Tangos Tango argentino

For more info about Artinscena, Click here.


Thank you for the beautiful Bloch bags gifted yearly to all our WDM dancers in every country we visit!

Shop for all your dance items at:

Bloch Europe


A big thank you to BOYSDANCETOO for sending bags for all our WDM Dancers!

About boysdancetoo – the dance store for men

Hey guys! Finally Right?!

For now, we are exactly what we say we are…THE DANCE STORE FOR MEN.

What is to come… is an amazing, resourceful website that is not just an online store, but a service to all guy dancers.


We, the owners, have been in the Dance / Retail business for a while. We know how challenging it has been for guy dancers to find what they need and decided to put an end to the frustration. We want you to know that we actually care about what guys are wearing to dance. We actually care about offering the widest selection available. We actually care about making the boysdancetoo store cool, easy-to-use, and good looking. We have searched all over the world to find the selection we currently offer and are not going to stop looking. We are going to seriously listen to our customers when they tell us what they want, and then we are going to find it. Should we not be able to find it, we are going to make it ourselves. So dudes, welcome. Thanks for shopping at our site. And remember that this is just the beginning. Where we go from here has a lot to do with you. So stick with us, communicate with us, and visit often.



The owners of boysdancetoo.com


Scholarships awarded at World Dance Movement events:

  1. 6(six) – Broadway Dance Center 10-class package scholarships
  2. 3(three) – Summer/Winter Internsive Program schoalrships – $250 towards the program
  3. 4(four) – Broadway Dance Center International Student Visa Program – $500 towards the program
  4. For the WDM International Competition BDC awards:
  5. 1(one) Broadway Dance Center International Student Visa Program – $500 towards the program

About BDC:

Broadway Dance Center is a drop-in dance studio, which means you can stop by at any time and take classes from their daily schedule. They offer over 350 classes weekly, taught by some of the world’s most renowned teachers and choreographers.

Their continued dedication to the international dance community, state-of-the-art studios, and their location in the heart of the New York City Theater District make them the ultimate destination for dancers around the globe.

Click for more info about Broadway Dance Center


Scholarships awarded at World Dance Movement events:

2(two) CSDMA 1 month scholarships are awarded each week at all WDM events.

About CSDMA:

The Superior Conservatory of Dance of Madrid “Maria de Ávila”, dependent of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport of the Community of Madrid, is a Superior Center whose main objective is to offer a Higher Education in the field of Pedagogy, Creation Choreographic and Dance Performance, through an active teaching, with an integrative vision of all the subjects that are the object of study.
It is a place of formation, transmission, creation, study, meeting, reflection, research and research, open to all trends, with a current and future look that profoundly marks its project, the Conservatoire seeks an education of excellence that suits the realities Academic, professional and artistic aspects of the Dance of the next decades.

For more info about CSDMA, Click here.


About Dancin: Bronze Sponsor

A fantastic dance shoe supplier in Milano, Italy!

For more info about Dancin, Click here.


FLAVA DANCE MOVEMENT – is a Hip Hop dance school in Italy. They offer 2 scholarships each week at all World Dance Movement events. Thank you!


GAGA Scholarships awarded at World Dance Movement:

Gaga offers 2(two) GAGA MOVEMENT INTENSIVE Scholarships at WDM Italy.

(visit the website for Intensive dates and cities)

About Gaga:

Gaga, the movement language developed by Ohad Naharin Gaga is a new way of gaining knowledge and self-awareness through your body. Gaga provides a framework for discovering and strengthening your body and adding flexibility, stamina, and agility while lightening the senses and imagination. Gaga raises awareness of physical weaknesses, awakens numb areas, exposes physical fixations, and offers ways for their elimination. The work improves instinctive movement and connects conscious and unconscious movement, and it allows for an experience of freedom and pleasure in a simple way, in a pleasant space, in comfortable clothes, accompanied by music, each person with himself and others.

“We become more aware of our form. We connect to the sense of the endlessness of possibilities. We explore multi-dimensional movement; we enjoy the burning sensation in our muscles, we are ready to snap, we are aware of our explosive power and sometimes we use it. We change our movement habits by finding new ones. We go beyond our familiar limits. We can be calm and alert at once.” – Ohad Naharin

Institute of the Arts Barcelona

Scholarships awarded at World Dance Movement events:

2(two) IAB summer intensive scholarships are awarded each week at all WDM events (visit the website for intensive dates and details)

IAB is all the home of World Dance Movement Spain!

About IAB:

An International Institute for the Performing and Recording Arts

Founded in 2013, the Institute of the Arts Barcelona is a dynamic institute uniquely positioned to offer international performing and recording arts higher education in Europe. Students from all over the world benefit from our top-level professional teaching staff and UK university validated education in a stunning location on the shores of the Mediterranean.

Our rigorous, interdisciplinary and transformative programmes are specially designed to provide an intensive and well-rounded vocational education. We offer 1 year Foundation Certificates, 3 year BA (Hons) and 1 year MA Degrees in a variety of performing and recording arts disciplines.

Industry Xperience

Scholarships awarded at World Dance Movement events:

2(two) Industry Xperience scholarships are awarded each week at all WDM events (visit the website for convention dates and cities)

About Industry Xperience:

“Industry Xperience is dedicated to the training and education of the next generation of artists! IX has the best educators in dance and on-camera commercial acting that come directly to your studio in a convention setting. This is not your average master class, intensive or workshop, but a first-of-its-kind in-studio convention! To learn more, check local event cities near you or to inquire about booking your own IX event, check out www.IndustryXperience.com and we look forward to training with you soon!”

Kledi Dance

Scholarships awarded at World Dance Movement events:

2(two) 50% Convention scholarships to Kledi Dance Winter Intensive and 2(two) open class scholarships for a weekend at Kledi Dance are awarded each week at all WDM events (visit the website for Intensive dates and classes)

About Kledi Dance:

A professional dance school in Rome, Italy!

For more info about Kledi Dance, Click here.

LA Dance Magic

L.A. DANCE MAGIC awards 2(two) scholarships to their regional USA conventions at each WDM event. Check the website for dates and times. Thank you!

L.A. Dance Magic

is dedicated to the education and motivation of young dancers and their teachers. To make every event as fulfilling as possible, we will present only the finest of training, staff and facilities. Through our knowledge of dance and love of children we will inspire commitment to EXCELLENCE

Milano in Danza

Scholarships awarded at World Dance Movement events:

2(two) Milano In Danza Convention scholarships are awarded each week at all WDM events

About Milano In Danza:

A fantastic convention in Milan, Italy run by Patrizia Cribiori.


Scholarships awarded at World Dance Movement events:

2(two) WDM dancers are awarded each week at all WDM events a 10 open class card to Millennium Dance Complex in Los Angeles, (visit the website for the open class schedule).

About Millennium:


The Millennium Dance Complex is known worldwide as the premiere studio of the commercial dance world and is widely referred to as a ‘the place where it all happens’. Although the studio’s A-list clientele and a faculty of the most sought after dancers and choreographers in the world has catapulted MILLENNIUM to a global brand, it still remains notably grounded, welcoming and dedicated to the highest level of service and instruction.

For more info about Millennium Click here.


Scholarships awarded at World Dance Movement events:

2(two) New York City Dance Alliance Regional Convention scholarships are awarded each week at all WDM events (visit the website for convention dates and cities)

About NYCDA:

A fantastic convention and competition in the USA!

For more info about NYCDA, Click here.

Body Wrappers

Thank you for Sponsoring our WDM International Virtual Competitions.

For more info about Body Wrappers, Click here.

Open Call

OPEN CALL COMPETITION awards 2 solo entry scholarships to WDM dancers and each WDM event. Thank you!

Open Call is the competition connecting dancers to career opportunities in a professional performance atmosphere. Our specialized judges’ panel includes today’s top dancers, talent agents, directors, and choreographers.

Through these various industry collaborations, we offer unique pathways for dancers of all ages to transition from the pre-professional level to the professional working industry.

All of us here, both staff and judges, are passionate about creating a supportive, inspirational, and educational environment at Open Call. We are excited to have forged a renewed commitment and partnership among many companies and programs that work to support artists and their careers.

Come see how Open Call can help your studio, teachers, and dancers gain insight and inspiration from professionals who have helped shape where dance is today!

Check out their cities here.


Peridance Center awards scholarships weekly at all WDM Events:

  • 1(0ne) 2-year certificate program scholarship
  • 2(two) 1-month open class card scholarship
  • 1(one) Blue Print scholarship

Peridance Center is founded by WDM faculty member Igal Perry.

Peridance Center is home to all styles, all levels of dance and provides a broad spectrum of over 250 weekly adult and children’s dance classes in a nurturing, professional environment.

We prepare dancers for the continually evolving, international dance arena through Peridance’s world-renowned Faculty, International Student Program, Two-year Certificate Program and The School at Peridance.

The Center is also home to the acclaimed Peridance Contemporary Dance Company, formally Peridance Ensemble.

Rooted in the Union Square area, in the heart of New York City, Peridance Center is housed in a beautiful landmark building, featuring six spacious, sprung and column-free studios and an in-house state-of-the-art facility, The KnJ Theater, available for rentals, showcases and performances, . The Center’s robust amenities include a coffee shop. For more than 30 years, Peridance has been a core member of New York City’s dance community. 


World Dance Movement GOLD SPONSOR

Sponsor of Cash awards at the WDM Spain International Competition:

  • Senior Groups
  • Senior Soloists
  • Scholarships Sponsor for the WDM Virtual Competitions!


Showcase is the most innovative and progressive Dance competition ever to be created in Australian & New Zealand history created by Peter Oxford.

Showcase is not only the original and official National Dance Championships of Australia but hailed as one of the most Elite in the World.

With over 11,000 + acts registered for our combined regional season in 2016 no wonder Showcase is the event every studio and dancer wants to be part of.

For more info about Showcase National Dance Championships, click here

Stage Door Connections

Stage Door Connections offers 2 scholarships weekly at each WDM event in each country to our talented dancers!

Thank you Stage Door!


Steps on Broadway

STEPS on Broadway awards 2(two) 20-Class Cards to dancers at WDM events weekly to the world renowned studio in NYC!

Thank you STEPS!

Learn more here about: STEPS on Broadway

Daily professional & adult classes, in ballet, tap, jazz, modern, hip-hop, theater and more including the Professional Training Program and Steps Repertory Ensemble.

Tanec Bez Hranic

Tanec Bez Hranic – Dance without Limits offers 2(two) scholarships each week at all WDM events to deserving dancers to attend their fantastic summer workshop in the forest in Prague, Czech Republic!

About Tanec Bez Hranic – Dance without Limits:

Every summer since 1998 Tanec Bez Hranic has been organizing Dance Without Limits – a meeting with world renowned teachers of contemporary and modern jazz dance. 

Tezoro LIVE

The Event Company of World Dance Movement – The International Workshop and Competition

About Tezoro Productions:

Founded by Michèle Assaf, Internationally-recognized Producer/Director – Choreographer, Tezoro Productions is an international dance production company committed to educating and serving dancers around the globe. Tezoro’s portfolio of brands includes Tezoro LIVE – instructional dance DVDs and World Dance Movement – the International Workshop. With the most comprehensive portfolio of instructional dance content in the business, many shot at Broadway Dance Center, Tezoro LIVE features the industry’s top choreographers via DVDs, subscription based on-demand classes, school classrooms and mobile applications. World Dance Movement – the acclaimed international dance workshop is a study-vacation event hosted across several countries that introduces dancers and educators from all continents to an international faculty of unparalleled talent.

To stream Tezoro Video Files, Click here.

Young Choreographer's Festival

Young Choreographer’s Festival – WDM Bronze Sponsor

The Young Choreographer’s Festival presents the work of some of the most up and coming 18-25 year old choreographers in all genres of dance at Symphony Space in NYC. We aim to educate, foster, and cultivate talented young artists by providing them with the tools, education, resources, and platform to successfully pursue a career in dance.


Kanyok Arts Initiative is an intimate New York City training program that bridges aspiring artists from the studio to the professional stage through a re-imagined “triple-threat” curriculum in a nurturing environment. We strive to foster an incredibly open environment at our studio and empower our students to take an active role in their dance education by asking questions, and learning how to express themselves.

For more info about KAI – Kanyok Arts Initiative, Click here.

CLI Studios

Choose from 1,000+ On-Demand Dance Classes
CLI Studios is for dancers, by dancers. Learn at your pace on your schedule with our library of online dance classes in every style and level.

For more info about CLI Studios, Click here.

Jo + Jax

Jo + Jax

Jo+Jax is a leader in dancewear, creating some of the most unique, innovative and comfortable dance and active wear in the market.


Though originally designed for dancers, others involved in gymnastics, yoga, pilates, and more find that Jo+Jax products give them all the function they need with designs that stand out.

Jo+Jax continues to create new designs for dance and active wear that are tailor-made for superior fit, function, and style. Our dedicated and passionate team is committed to delivering high quality products that are continuously evolving to meet the technical needs of dancers, athletes and fitness enthusiasts everywhere.

For more info about Jo + Jax, Click here.

24 Seven

24 Seven Dance Convention

24 SEVEN Dance Convention is a dance workshop and competition that tours to 27 cities in the United States each season. A typical convention weekend lasts from Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon and features dance classes with some of the world’s leading dance educators.

For more info about 24 Seven Dance Convention, Click here.



I can honestly say that NUVO’s fifteen successful years is due to the education, inspiration, and mutual respect among the NUVO Faculty, Studio Owners, Teachers, Dancers and Parents who have attended NUVO past and present, has brought us to this point: Season 16! With a tremendous sense of gratitude, humility and collective passion to offer the best, the NUVO Faculty and I are excited to be teaching diverse classes and seminars for ALL attendees in a nurturing and supportive environment. Whether you have attended NUVO in the past, or joining us for the very first time, we welcome you to share your love and passion for dance with us – together – at NUVO!

Respectfully Yours,

For more info about Nuvo Dance Convention, Click here



JUMP is proud to be the largest dance convention in the world, touring to 28 US cities and 4 international cities. A typical convention weekend lasts from Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon and is jam-packed with all things DANCE! Each event includes a top-rate workshop in numerous styles of dance: Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Contemporary, Hip-Hop, Jazz Funk, Musical Theater, Lyrical and Ballroom. JUMP also offers a first-class competition with fair, credible judging in a fun and supportive environment. The weekend concludes with a fantastic closing show, scholarship presentations and faculty performances!

JUMP is proud to be the largest dance convention in the world, touring to 28 US 

For more info about Jump Dance Convention, Click here

Pineapple Live

Pineapple Live

With an incredible 400 weekly open classes in over 40 styles: 250 in-studio and 150 streamed live from the studios, Pineapple welcomes everyone from absolute beginners to advanced professionals of all ages from 3 to 103!

Download the Pineapple LIVE app or check out the studio and online classes timetables and start dancing!

For more info about  Pineapple Live, Click here.

The Space TV

1) Subscribers get Unlimited Access to all active Dance Classes & Content
2) All Styles and All Levels
3) New Classes Release at 12pm PT

For more info about The Space TV, Click here.