Sabatino amassed his dance technique in LA studying Hip Hop and Jazz. Upon returning to Italy, he became a Dancer in the show “Amores” by Vittoria Ottolenghi and Vittoria Cappelli. Other dance credits include Omid Project Theatre choreography by Marisa Ragazzo, as a soloist in the show L’amour et Son Amour during the Todi Arte Festival, the dance company Teatro Koros of Massimo Morricone.

He is the co-founder of AbruzzoOnStage workshop with Federica Angelozzi.

He collaborated with numerous choreographers: Daniel Ezralow, Giuliano Peparini, Luca Tommassini, Veronica Peparini, Franco Miseria to name a few.

Sabatino worked with famous singers such as Kylie Minogue, Rihanna and Elisa.

He was a Hip Hop teacher for Accademia TV dance, founded by Daniele Cipriani, together with other teachers like Bill Goodson, N’Mvula Sulgani, Tosca, Fabrizio Mainini, Franco Miseria, Claudio Insegno and many others who aim to provide complete training for show business.

He was a lead dancer for the popular Italian TV Show “Amici di Maria de Filippi.”