Vito Cassano

Acrobatics & Aerial for Dancers - Italy


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  • Joined the Mvula Sungani Company in Rome, Italy at the age of 18 performing for the most important theaters in Italy, France and Germany. 
  • Performed in several Festivals and Italian Galas including: Spoleto Estate, Teatro Romano di Spoleto, Roma Chorea Mundi, La Grande Danza Unita and Italian TV shows: “Domenica In” with Raffaele Paganini and the “New Year’s Concert” at Teatro La Fenice in Venice with Giuseppe Picone. 
  • Took part in the production “Le Destin des Images” with the Harry Albert Contemporary Dance Company in co-production with the Operà of Saint Etienne (France), a collaboration that continues to this day.
  • Guest artist of the Circle of Light Moscow International Festival in Moscow, Russia. 
  • Participated in the Opening Ceremony of the Nordic Ski World Championships with the ResExtensa Company, organized by Studio Festi and directed by Monica Maimone. 
  • Was part of the “PUZZLE” production by Giulia Staccioli, with Kataklò Athletic Dance Theater for a tour in Italy, Holland, Brazil and Turkey. 
  • Taugth at the Kataklò Academy in Milan, Italy. 
  • Guest artist at the P.P.S. Aerial Tournament at the Sheung Wan Civic Center  in Hong Kong. 
  • Was involved in two shows / events created by Kitomb in Lagos, Nigeria,  first as an aerial performer and later as an assistant. 
  • Faculty member at Move It dance event in London, UK. 
  • Was chosen as the choreographer of an aerial performance in front of the Basilica of San Nicola, Italy with the Eleina D. Company
  • Performed for La Fura dels Baus in collaboration with KATAKLÒ, for the Kuwait pavilion at the Expo in Milan, Italy. 
  • Choreographed a piece for the Eleina D. Companystaged at dawn and at sunset at the Margherita Theater in Bari, Italy,  for “The World of San Nicola”, organized by Nikolaos Foundation in collaboration with CinEthic. 
  • Participated (with the Eleina D. Companyin the shooting of the “ERMA” film directed by Luciano Toriello and produced by Apulia Film Commission.
  • Has been the choreographer of the permanent show HELL IN THE CAVE, staged in the Castellana Grotte Caves, in Puglia, Italy since 2014.


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