A Musical Theatre Masterclass with NYC/LA Celebrity Vocal Coach, Bob Garrett.

Have new unique audition material selected just for you. Work on pieces technically, emotionally and presentationally, including your current audition pieces,– and leave with an arsenal of NEW material, and perfected performances built to BOOK YOU THE JOB.

For the first time in Switzerland, NYC and LA celebrity vocal coach Bob Garrett, (Channing Tatum, Jessica Lange, Drew Barrymore, Brian Stokes Mitchell, Katy Perry, Gerard Butler, Vanessa Hudgens, Big Time Rush, Judy Davis, etc.) is offering a unique Musical Theatre Masterclass, “From Audition through Opening Night.”

Please visit Bob’s website, for more info about his career with legendary actors/singers. in theatre, film and television including his coaching on the film “Grey Gardens”, “Phantom of the Opera” and “Me and My Shadows: Life with Judy Garland” and “The Vow.”


The workshop will begin with technique exercises that focus on strain-free vocals, breathing, expanding the range, voice placement and vocal stamina. Bob will run through exercises which markedly better your voice on a daily basis, covering belt, head/falsetto range and pasagio technique.

The first session is devoted to working on audition and call back musical material and honing in on upcoming performances. The main focus of this day is working on material – leaving you with songs, cuts and performances to BOOK THE JOB.

Discussion Topics that will be covered thru the other sessions:

Bob’s Musical Theatre Workshop Master classes are known in NYC, Chicago, London, Tokyo, Australia and Los Angeles and across America as a life-altering experience designed to teach you to be creatively independent. During this one-of-a-kind journey, all actors will sharpen their artistic talents and skills so that they can create their own show-stopping auditions and theatre performances by themselves.