Aerial silk and straps performer, teacher, and dancer.

Claudio began his artistic journey at the age of 16 as a b-boy and in 2007 he founded the Break-dancing crew named BariGotFlava.

Driven by a strong versatility and eagerness to explore the world of performing arts, in 2013 he undertook a new path as a contemporary dancer and aerialist with the Italian dance company Eleina D.

Led by strong motivation and willingness to improve his skills in the aerial arts at large, in 2018 he started traveling around Europe and the United States to take private classes with various artists such as Oskar Mauricio, Leo Hedman, Jonathan Fortin, Brett Womack, Will Davis, and David Isaac Gray.

This decision has given him the capacity to combine and contaminate all the art forms processed over time. Through deep and careful research, he has been able to develop new concepts, and methods of training and teaching aerial arts at a professional level based on movement and musicality, without leaving aside the technique that is the very foundation of the whole work.

Over the years, he has worked as an aerialist and dancer for choreographers such as Vito Cassano, Nikos Lagousakos, and Giuliano Peparini.
He currently collaborates with multiple organizations, holds several seminar and works on his own project, an act on aerial silk staged in Rome (IT) at the Furio Camillo theatre.