ITALY / Class: Ballet

FREDY Franzutti was immediately considered the “garçon prodigy choreography Italian” (Michele Nocera -Tuttodanza), and “one of the most respected choreographers in the national” (Vittoria Ottolenghi). Create ballets for the Theatre “Bolshoi” Moscow, for the Rome Opera, the Teatro dell’Opera in Sophia, the Monte Carlo Opera, the Opera of Bilbao, for the Theatre “V. Bellini “Catania, and for several events Rai Uno as the dances of the New Year’s Concert 2004 directed by Lorin Maazel, transmitted from Venice in Eurovision.

Directs from 1995 the “Ballet of the South” for which choreographer twenty-five productions among which “The Nutcracker,” “Swan Lake”, “Sleeping Beauty”, “Romeo and Juliet”, “Scheherazade”, “L ‘ Bird of Fire “. Today His company replica shows in the most important Italian festival and also participates in numerous productions of opera, we remember those at the invitation of Pier Luigi Pizzi at ROF of Pesaro and at the Teatro Lirico in Cagliari, Paul Miccichè the Baths of Caracalla in Rome (Aida 2006), Flavio Trevisan at the Teatro Bellini in Catania, Pier Francesco Maestrini at Teatro Valli in Reggio Emilia, in Russia and Spain, Beppe De Tomasi in France. Franzutti choreographer dances of the opera season of Lecce from 1998 to 2005 at the invitation of Katia Ricciarelli and since 2006 at the invitation of Philip Zigante. Franzutti collaborates with Carla Fracci, Lindsay Kemp and creates choreography for numerous international Ètoile. Recall also the dances of the “Martyrdom of St. Sebastian” with Giorgio Albertazzi in Verona, the opening event of the Roman Theatre of Lecce (for Fondazione Memmo), l ‘inauguration Porta Galliera (2003) and the Stairway of Pincio (2004 ) Bologna (for Vittoria Cappelli). At the invitation of Vittoria Ottolenghi participated in several editions of International Marathons and dance to the show with music by Luciano Berio “Triumphs of Petrarch” to Mitlefest Cividale. Maurizio Squillante entrusted him with the choreography of his contemporary opera “The Wings of Daedalus” on tour nationally.
Among the Italian festival that house several times his company include: Versiliana Festival and those of Vignale, Rome, Todi, Venice, Milan, Syracuse, Taormina, Paestum, Gardone Riviera, and performed in numerous Italian theaters. Recall also the Pavillao Atlantic Lisbon, the Olympia Hall of Monaco of Bavaria, the Teatro Euskalduna in Bilbao and the tour of 2006 in theaters in Hanoi and Ho Chi Min City in Vietnam.

The shows, which he designed, which include reading texts, were attended by Ugo Pagliai, Paola Pythagoras, Michele Mirabella, Arnoldo Foa. Among the musicians he works with include Lorin Maazel, Richard Bonynge, Karl Martin, Francesco Libetta. Franzutti directs the film-short “If This Is a Man” starring Michele Placido, Emilio Solfrizzi. Among the events television credits, in addition to the New Year’s concert in 2004, the choreography for “Republic Day” in 2002, for the program “A Voice for Padre Pio” (2004 and 2006), and for Rai 2 “Premio Zeus” ( 2005 and 2006), the Summer Wonders (Padula 2006), “They … Gulf” (Pompeii 2007), “The circle of life” (Agropoli 2007).

Carla Fracci invites Franzutti the Opera House in Rome for the choreography of the ballet: “Catherine, the daughter of the banished” to music by Pugni, “Baccus and Ariadne” music by Russell and “The Daughter of the Danube” music by Adam.

The criticism most authoritative shows broad interest in his work, highlighting the original features and modern.

“The director of the Ballet of the South set his new” Sleeping Beauty “in his native Salento … A brilliant idea.”
Vittoria Ottolenghi – L’Espresso

“There was still come across as a choreographer Fredy Franzutti, so determined and passionate about tackling big guns of ballet literature, ambitious but not unrealistic attracted to creativity.”
Albert – Ballet Today

“Franzutti with peculiar work, in a very personal and contemporary, reworks narrative methods and constructs shows that leave a mark.”
Michele Nocera – Tuttodanza

“Fredy Franzutti, I have much respect for him of his job of his commitment as an artist”
Pier Luigi Pizzi – The Daily

“In particular, I have a great relationship with the choreographer Fredy Franzutti … because in addition to its extraordinary and inventive romantic vein, also possesses the ability to make people laugh and choreography spirits are the most difficult to achieve” .Beppe De Tomasi

“That fits Franzutti in the wake of historic many great choreographers of the British school.”
Nicola Sbisà – Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno