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Join dancers from around the world to compete for the title of


About World Dancer Of The Year:

World Dance Movement is honored to work with so many beautiful dancers from around the world for the last 15 years. We have decided to add this special “World Dancer Of The Year” event to the WDM International Festival in Italy 2024. The nominated dancers will be judged on their work during the week of workshop classes, as well as, the WDM International Competition Scores. WDM’s main focus is on education and furthering your development as dancers. We will work with you all week in classes and then watch your work on stage! We are excited for all of you! 

  • Dancers who participated in any of our WDM 2023/2024 International Competitions (Live or Virtual) that have QUALIFIED may enter THE WORLD DANCER OF THE YEAR COMPETITION EVENT.
  • If you receive a nomination from another qualifying event (List below) please email us a scanned copy of your nomination and Congratulations! We can’t wait to see you dance in Italy!
  • The ‘World Dancer of the Year’ Competition will take place during the WDM ITALY FESTIVAL July 6-21, 2024 
  • The ‘World Dancer of the Year’ Competition dates are July 13 -15, 2024
  • All nominated dancers must register for WEEK 1 of the Festival Workshop classes July 10-14 as 20% of the score will come from your work in the classes. Of course you can join us for both weeks of classes if you would like. We would love that! You will perform ONE solo in the OPEN Category on July 13th, your ‘WDOTY’ solo, and the Top 20 will perform the same solo on July 15th during the WDM International Competition on July 15th. You may enter the July 15th Competition with as many pieces as you would like in all the other categories.


In USD pay with credit card during registration (preferable) / in Euro must pay by wire-transfer
Only qualified soloists may enter the WDOTY category on July 13 - you must register in the OPEN category with 1 solo only.
You may enter in as many categories as you would like on July 15 without qualifying


Registration fee: one-time $3.00 per dancer per event

Qualifying Events:
You must be qualified at one of these events to attend the 'World Dancer Of The Year' Competition at the WDM Italy International Competition July 13-15, 2024

Click on any Competition below to register and Good Luck!

How to Register for the WDOTY Competition:

  • If you have been nominated and have qualified for the “WORLD DANCER OF THE YEAR” title competition and have a certificate, you will go HERE to enter the WDM Italy International Competition.  PLEASE email a copy of your qualification certificate to info@worlddancemovement after you register.
  • Enter your dances and register for the event. You may enter as many dances/styles as you would like in the competition, but you must enter ONE in the OPEN Category (it can be any style, your best piece). which will be judged in the WDM World Dance of the Year Title Competition. This piece will be performed on July 13th and if you continue to top 20, you will perform it again on July 15th. 
  • All your other pieces will be performed on July 15th only. 
  • The event takes place from July 13-15, 2024
  • 20% of your score will come from the WDM Festival Workshop classes from July 10-14, 2024 ! Please register for the classes HERE. You are more than welcome to do both weeks of classes, until July 21, 2024, but you must do Week 1 to enter the “WORLD DANCER OF THE YEAR” title Competition as you will perform your numbers on July 13 on the beautiful outdoor festival stage in an gorgeous Italian piazza and July 15th at the WDM Italy International Competition. 

Please read carefully our Rules and Regulations before registering. 

Click on the link below to register for the World Dancer of the Year Competition.

Everyone must download, print, sign and return the Liability Release form by email to:


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The Certificate Program offers postsecondary students a two-year training for high-level intermediate and advanced students who plan on a professional career in dance. The program includes 72 weeks of study, divided into four semesters with spring, winter, and summer breaks integrated into the teaching year. Enrollment is by audition and limited to applicants between the ages of 17 to 25 years old. The program emphasizes personal attention and nurtures each student’s full potential as an individual and as a performing artist. The faculty is made of established as well as innovative teachers and choreographers.

Peridance’s unique approach to post-secondary studies in dance is relevant to educating and shaping today’s ballet, contemporary, and commercial dancer. Since its inception, Peridance’s post-secondary educational program, the Certificate Program, has achieved major success in producing graduates who are equipped to successfully secure work in today’s dance world or alternatively to further their education by continuing their studies towards obtaining a degree in dance in universities around the world.

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