Teacher, choreographer and French dancer, he is endowed with charisma and sensibility. He is a master teacher at the prestigious Pariginian Harmonic Studio Center, but gives stages throughout the world, including Italy, Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, US, Israel, Senegal and Japan. He founded, directed and choreographed the Company “ Les Espaces Inquiets”, and he also choreographed for many international Companies, such as: Why No (Bruno Agati- France), Nadine Yemini (Tel Aviv- Israel), Dance Gallery (Perugia- Italy), Baletakademien (Stockholm, Sweden). He participated in several theatre and television productions and musicals and won the Moliere prize for the best musical “Piaf, je t’aime”. He has just released the DVD “Contemporary Warm-Up with Bruno Collinet” for Tezoro Productions.

You can purchase his DVD here: Contemporary Warm-up with Bruno Collinet and stream his online classes here: SDW Online.