Choreographer of the new wave, Bruno Collinet draws his originality in his great sense of staging both choreographic and technical. From classical, modern jazz and contemporary training, Bruno enriches himself with techniques of sound, light, costumes and music.

Internationally renowned professor, he evolves and promotes his unique style through various companies in Israel, Italy, Sweden, Norway, Senegal, Asia and America. In 1994, he founded his own company “Les Espaces Inquiets” and created many choreographies for the Avignon Winters, and the Estivales Studio Harmonic at the Teatre des Bouffes du Nord.

Related to the art of theatre since its beginnings, he collaborates with several stage makers such as James Thor, Jacques Dombrowski and Marjorie Nakache. He is also choreographer for many Music Hall reviews. On the other hand, he attends for television shows Line Renaud, Clémentine Célarié, Pauline Esther, Else, Brigitte Lahaie, Philippe Léotard and choreography for Italian and Spanish television the shows of Rafaella Cara.

His eclectic and diverse journey leads him to the musical where he choreographs for “From Fred Astaire a nos jour” and “Piaf je t’aime” with Nathalie Cerda at the Winter Cirque. Interested in all forms of shows, the benefit of his diverse “experiences”, the synthesis of his thoughts as a dancer, teacher, choreographer but also spectator.

His class is built on simple elements: bodyweight, floor contact, kinesphere, and joint release. Its compound exercises lead to muscular restructuring, to an effective and solid base placement that allows for the natural execution of the difficulty. He proposes, through his variations, a different work on upper body movements in imbalance, energy “breaks”, music listening. “There is body intelligence, joint and muscular logic, which allows for rapid and effective progress.” 

Watch one of the pieces he choreographed for WDM Italy here.

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