ITALY / Class: Elements of Artistic Pedagogy

The child and his/her dance:

Dance is the art of movement. The seminar offers a point of view regarding the art of dance education in its body, social and symbolic dimensions.

The dance teacher is responsible for cultivating sensitivity, creativity and the aesthetic sense of the child allowing him to live all stages of the artistic process of creation. The child’s dance already contains all the elements of the choreographic game: explore, improvise, compose, observe. The quality of the act is directly related to the expressive intentionality of the act, it must be able to emerge in any movement during the gradual development of technical skills.

This idea of dance leaves an open space for research, in which the very idea of technique extends to the matter of listening, relation, imaginary and sensory experience.

The classes offer practical examples of workshops aimed at children, with reference to the different age groups between 3 and 8 years. Each participant will be able to rework the suggested content according to their needs and personality.

The project involves several stages: Practical experience, analysis of the work (purpose, content, methodological references), additional working hypotheses (discussion among the participants on how to develop and apply this methodology).


Susanna Odevaine graduated at the Institut de Formation Professionnelle pour l’Enseignement de la Danse Contemporaine directed by Françoise Dupuy (R.I.D.C., Paris 1983-87). She has danced with several Italian companies in Italy and abroad.

In 2003 she began an intense dance teaching activity in public schools. She received a Certificate of Danzeducatore® from Mousiké in Bologna, and the Certificate of DanceAbility Teacher Trainer from DanceAbility® International.

From 2006 to 2012 she was a member of the Executive Council of the National Dance Education Society, DES.

She was a professor at the University of Sport Sciences (IUMS, Roma) as part of the project the Teaching of Dance in Schools; Biennial Course in Music Therapy Gabriel Marcel in Palermo and at the Consorzio Universitario Orientale di Noto, MT Academy.

She trains teachers in Kindergarten and Elementary schools.

She is a college professor in the Master Program “Le Artiterapie: metodi e tecniche d’intervento” at Roma Tre University in Italy. Author of articles and speaker at various conferences, she is the President of Choronde Educational Project and Director of the Training Course in Pedagogy of the Movement, The Dance Goes to School.