Valentina Franchino

ITALY / Class: Aerial Dance

Valentina is an Aerial Dance and Movement Techniques teacher at Scuola di Teatro di Bologna Alessandra Galante Garrone and in several Italian dance studios and theaters. She is an actress and an Aerial acrobat, she obtained a diploma in Circus Arts disciplines and she specialized in dance and Aerial Dance in France.

In 2004 she worked as an Aerial acrobat at Teatro Massimo in Palermo, Italy and for several popular public events such as Smart Night in Piazza Maggiore (Bologna, Italy), the White Nights in Teramo, Rimini, Ravenna and Piacenza (Italy). She is an Aerial acrobat for Rami show directed by actress/acrobat Nicole Kehrberger (Totales Theater International). She works for Chièdiscena company for the Cirque Cabaret show. In 2006 she participated in big events and festivals as an Aerial Dance performer all around Italy (Castelli in Aria e Sogni in Volo). She worked as an acrobat in the Venetian show Serata Futurista, at Goldoni Theater. She has periodically collaborated with the Visonaria company for several Aerial Dance shows. In 2009 she worked as an actress and Aerial dancer with Teatro Kismet Opera company, in the Queen of The Snows show, directed by Teresa Ludovico. Since 2013 she has been an actress and areial dancer for the show Sposa Sirena, directed by Michelangelo Campanale, producted by Teatro Crest. She is currently working for Teatro di Milano’s new production, Peter Pan e la Scatola Magica.

She teaches Aerial Dance with fabric, fix trapeze, hoop, using her students’ own physical skills to create Aerial choreographies. Master class program This master class allows students to learn and specialize in Aerial Dance with fabric, fix trapeze, hoop,. Valentina is able to work with her students’ own physical skills. The master class is open to dancers, actors and everyone who wants to learn Aerial Dance to explore the possibilities of their bodies suspended in the air. Master class schedule: – Warm-up and strengthen exercises – Teaching of some of the basic figures using fabric, fix trapeze, hoop – Choreographic improvisation to develop body expression with fabric.