Ezio Schiavulli

Ezio Schiavulli - Contemporary (Italy)

Born in Bari on the 03.October 1979.

After obtaining his diploma in industrial chemistry, he went to the Milan conservatory under the direction of Susanna Beltrami.

In 3 years he has followed classical, contemporary, modern dance, theatre and music. He joined the 6th year of the training at “London Contemporary of Dancing”(UK) and finished his education in dance at « Centro della Danza Aterballetto ». (Reggio Emilia-Italy)Therefore he had collaboration with diverse choreographs and directors, such as: Franco Branciaroli (Italy), Susanna Beltrami (Italy), Loris Petrillo (Italy), Mark Baldwin (Rambert Ballett – UK), Bruno Agati (France), Yvann Alexandre (France), M. Blandini – G. Battezzato (Teatri del Vento – France), Olivier Py (Grand Théâtre of Geneva – Suisse), Lionel Hoche (France), Lena Josefsson (Sweden), David Drouard (France), Caroline Bo (France), Farid Ounchiouene (France).

In 2004 he is leading his first choreographic project. In 2007 he founded the association Expresso Forma/Company Ezio Schiavulli (France). At the head of this, Ezio and his team developed a research on the links to create unions of languages and forms d ‘art with various artists and researchers. Professional contemporary dance company agreement in 2009 with the Region Ile de France, the department of Seine et Marne and the cities of Tounan-en-Brie and Savigny-le-Temple. Ezio, date, signature choreography and direction by 13 creations. Also teaches contemporary technique “Physical Movement” in different companies and training centers in Europe: Company Yvann Alexandre (Fr); Company Lionel Hoche (Fr); Company Raande-vo (Sweden); Venice Biennale 2009 (Italy); Company RANDOM DANCE (Wayne McGregor – England), Studio Harmonic (Paris); CIRA (Strasbourg); Centre National de la Danse (Pantin-France).

Since July 2013 Schiavulli Ezio becomes a member of the International Dance Council – UNESCO. In the same year is EZ3 Diffusione Coreografiche on the Pugliese territory. In 2014, the signature project of the « Permanent International Artistic Residence », art direction, creating a cultural bridge with three EU countries: Italy (Puglia) -France-Albania.