Q&A with WDM Faculty Member Macia Del Prete.


We are excited to have Macia Del Prete with us again at WDM Italy 2018 to celebrate our 10 Year Anniversary! Here some fun questions she answered for us. Do you have more? Leave a comment below or on our FacebookInstagramTwitter pages with #AskMacia.


WDM: What are the three words that best describe you?

Macia: Straightforward, moody, observant.

WDM: If you were stranded on a desert island, name three things you would bring.

Macia: An ipod with Billie Holiday’s discography, a pencil, a notebook.

WDM: Who is your favorite famous person?

Macia: Salvator Dalì.

WDM: Who is your favorite dancer?

Macia: From the past, Gene Kelly. Nowadays, Jillian Meyer.

WDM: What are the projects you are most proud of in your dancer / choreographer career.

Macia: One : “Finding….what?” with my OL3 DC… it was my first real and strong creative initiative! Others will come…

WDM: Complete the sentence: If I were not a dancer, I would be ________.

Macia: A sax player.

WDM: Who has influenced you the most in your dancer career?

Macia: Saturday’s variety shows on Italian TV that represent my childhood… Mauro Astolfi in my teens; William Foresythe who will probably influence my entire life.

WDM: Complete the sentence: When I am not dancing, I am _________.

Macia: Walking among people…

WDM: What is your favorite city?

Macia: NYC.

WDM: What is the next city that you would like to visit?

Macia: Tel Aviv.

WDM: Complete the sentence: When I pack, I always bring


Macia: Thousands of shoes!

Click on the image to watch a piece created by Macia at WDM Italy 2017

Macia will teach Contemporary Dance (INT) and a Contemporary Choreographic Workshop (ADV/Professional) at WDM Italy 2018, week 3: July 24-29. For information and to register, please visit www.WDMItaly.com.

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