An Interview with Clarissa Mucci, Classical Ballet Teacher at World Dance Movement.


Here are some words of advice from our World Dance Movement faculty member, Clarissa Mucci. She is a world-renowned Classical Ballet  teacher and will teach at WDM Italy: WEEK 2: July 16 – July 21.


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WDM: What advice would you give to a dancer about auditioning?

Clarissa: Other than great training, students need to have a 360-degree look into the dance industry because there is only ONE dance. There is not a “good” type of dance a “bad” type of dance. Having said that, I do want to stress the importance of Ballet. It is fundamental and the first part of all auditions is a ballet class, from Teatro alla Scala to Pina Bausch.
WDM: What advice would you give to a dancer who was told “you don’t have the right body to be a classical ballet dancer”? 
Clarissa: Dance needs talent, dynamics, musicality, good technique, but also needs an harmonic and proportionate body. Unfortunately, after teenage years, dancers watch their bodies change. Sometimes this can limit a dancer’s career on stage in the classical ballet world, but dance will still have formed the dancer both physically and mentally providing them with the opportunity to be a brilliant teacher (if they study to become one). Not all great dancers can become great teachers. My university, where I have been teaching for over 36 years, has courses for both teachers and choreographers.
WDM: Do you remember your first dance teacher?
Clarissa: My first teacher was Lia Calizza, a woman who gave me so much, both technically and on a personal level. She was sweet and understanding, but also very demanding. I still thank her for what she gave me.
WDM: How do you motivate and stimulate your students?
Clarissa: I love my students, they motivate me with their work and dedication. I always remind them that when working you always need to have the humility to learn and the honesty to recognize your capabilities. I love honest work and students who work hard every day to become better than the previous day. I love Artists, those with a dancing soul, those who can move you with a Port de Bras. A Port de Bras never lies.

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